MPPT Inverter solar solpanel system 5kw

14 999 kr

9 899 kr

MPPT Solar Inverter på 5000w Off Grid 48V till 220V 80A MPPT Pure Sine Wave Inverter Hybrid Solar Inverter 60A Batteriladdare

Designad med AC/DV 220-240vac enkelfas. ( inte delad fas 110/220vac)

Denna modell stödjer paralellkoppling



  • 5000w 48v pure sine wave inverter
  • 5000W output 2X Surge Max 5 Seconds
  • Inbyggt 80A MPPT Solarladdare, Max output 4000W
  • Built-in 3-Stage High Efficiency 60A Battery Charger 
  • Total System Max Charging: 140A (80A Solar + 60A Utility)
  • Generator Starter Dry Contact
  • Free Monitoring Software
  • Supports Parallel Function Up to 9 Units Max 
  • Supports LiFePo4 Battery Type (Variable Charging Voltage)
  • Adjustable AC Input Voltage 90~280VAC
  • Supports 50Hz or 60Hz via LCD Program
  • Dual Priority Operation Selectable: AC vs. DC mode
  • Works with 48Vdc Battery System Only
  • Works With 220~240Vac Load Only
  • Transformerless, light weight design
  • RJ45 Comm port
  • Transfer time <10ms
  • Programmable LCD with menu
  • 24 hour operation
  • Intelligent battery charging control
  • Built-in alarms and protections
  • Suitable for wall mount
  • CE, EMC certified